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Duplicate image finder OS
Duplicate Checker 3.4


Setup.exe (1,5Mb)

with installer

Setup.zip (1,5Mb)

no installer

WinDC.zip (800Kb)

Supported languages: English, German, French. Language determines automatically by Windows settings.

Duplicate Checker is distributed in 2 forms - as package with installer (setup.exe or setup.zip) and as simple zip archive (WinDC.zip). Setup.zip includes setup.exe and readme.txt.

If you have installer (setup.exe or setup.zip), start it and follow wizard steps. It will guide you through installation process. To uninstall Duplicate Checker after it was installed choose "Uninstall Duplicate Checker" icon from Duplicate Checker program icon group. You can also uninstall it from Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs applet.

If you get archive with Duplicate Checker (WinDC.zip), simply unpack it to desired folder. You can use both distinct folder for Duplicate Checker, or place it in the common small utilities storage place, if you have one.
To uninstall Duplicate Checker after manual installation just delete files you have unpacked.

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